AMD confirms it won't ship Ryzen drivers for Windows 7

There will be no Ryzen drivers for Windows 7, AMD confirms, contradicting recent reports that indicated the company would support older Windows OSes.

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pokdenet1210d ago

AMD better shouldn't bring the driver support for windows 7 since the life cycle will be ended on 2020.

FlyingFoxy1210d ago

I've been using Win10 since official release and won't go back to 7 now, saying that though i thought 7 was great and a good step up from Vista, which had problems (mostly early on) and i think it became more stable.. but overall 7 was much better. As for 10 i don't really have much to say, really good clean and modern OS.

KingPin1209d ago

no real loss here.
windows 7 support will die out long before rizen becomes outdated and windows 10 is just as good, if not better, than windows 7.
also, any new PCs that are bought now would most likely come with windows 10 at this point in time anyways. even if it came with an oder os, chances are higher you'll get windows 8/8.1 over win7.

Soldierone1209d ago

I understood not upgrading 7 to 8 because 8 and 8.1 sucked, but 10 is all around better and was free for the longest time. The is no reason not to upgrade.