Swedish supermarket using lasers to label fruits to save on unnecessary plastic wrapping

Nature & More has gotten approval to use laser labels on its organic produce to cut down on plastic wrapping usage.

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Speed-Racer1731d ago

Wonderful venture. The less plastic, the better.

Zerg1731d ago

I hope I don't get cancer from this

yomfweeee1731d ago

Can you still call it organic after you've used lasers on it? Pew pew.

annoyedgamer1731d ago

Looks like they are catching up to what has been done here in the US for decades...

opinionated1731d ago

Why wrap it plastic? You mean the bag you put them? Why not pay by the weight like normal people? Do you really need bar code numbers and an "I love eco" label lazered into your fruits and vegetables? Seems like a waste of carbon. Save the trees 😏

Speed-Racer1731d ago

In Sweden the price for organic stuff is different. They don't want to use plastic labels either, so we're back to the lasers.