CES 2017 - Kino-mo Holographic Technology Is The Future Of In-Store Displays

NRM: "When you think of in-store posters, chances are you imagine a simple poster hanging in the window. But Kino-mo are looking to innovate with their brand new Hypervsn technology - bringing 3D holograms to stores."

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SactoGamer644d ago

I saw these at CES, too. They really caught my eye.

SquishyGorilla643d ago

Really simple in execution, but great for attracting attention. But my question - which will only be answered by store sales data - is will these actually help encourage sales, or just be a nice in-store distraction?

Retroman641d ago

I wanna Duel disk .......its Time!!!!! to Duel . Holographic Monsters . C'mon Konami make the game.