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Sony is fashionably late to the OLED TV party—was it worth the wait?

LG and Samsung broke onto the OLED scene years ago. Hisense and Panasonic have even touted OLED TVs since. But Sony's here now, and they feel right on time.

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Edito1791d ago

They are not late because they know Bravia will deliver the best performance in the end... i like LG and Samsung but when it comes to games it's just not good enough, maybe the more recent tv sets are way more prepared for fast paced games, sony is ready for that since ever...

--Onilink--1791d ago

lol what?

It's been quite a few years since Sony has been lagging way behind Samsung and LG in terms of TVs so I have no idea what you are talking about.

Even now the best Sony TV cant match what Samsung offers in terms of low input Lag (with or without HDR), so I dont know what you mean by "when it comes to games it's just not good enough"

RabbitFly1791d ago

He clearly said that LG and Samsung were the ones lagging behind. Well by his standards.

To be fair Sony has not managed to be the best at input lag lately and Samsung now holds that crown. At least when it comes to 4k capable sets.

butchertroll1791d ago

Em...Sony has pretty good TV's. Especially in mid-range category. They are not lagging behind in any way. Sony's TV has pretty OK input-lag. Like this one. recommends Sonys XD800 as a best mid-range 4K TV. 00d

And also, recommends Sonys XD800 as a best mid-range 4K TV

Dasteru1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Sony was the first to create and release an OLED TV. Not many people bought it though due to the size and cost. They had an 11" OLED (XEL-1) in their Sony Style stores for ~$2500 back in 2007.

Rhythmattic1791d ago

Yeh I saw one of these at Sony Building in Ginza in 2007... To see that tech back then.. mind BLOWN !
It looked incredible....

ironmonkey1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Not late at all but I am very happy with my new 65 inch led hdr tv by Sony tho. Think I'll stick with that for years.

2pacalypsenow1791d ago

Sony released an OLED screen in 2007

subtenko1791d ago

thats why I was like wut.... sony been had OLEDs.....

InTheZoneAC1791d ago

Samsung has OLED? I thought their big thing was modifying LCD/LED technology, which is what their Quantum Dot tech does. Since when does Samsung have anything to do with OLED?

Omnislashver361790d ago

QLED is just an LED technology though, it's just Samsung's moniker. Really it just provides 2000 nits of brightness which is stupid to me because I watch tv with controlled lighting. That's for extremely bright houses and nothing more. That's so bright it's bound to cause eyestrain.

Omnislashver361790d ago

Samsung released a 55 inch curved OLED a couple years back. It was about $10,000 which is why they stopped making them. LG owns a Kodak originating patent that allows them to produce high quality OLEDs with a much smaller price than the initial $10,000 OLEDs from both companies.

So basically Samsung CAN produce an OLED, but to produce one at a low cost they'd have to appease LG by buying rights to their patent, which will cost them a ton of money. That's why they stick to LED tvs instead now. Same with Sony. If LG didn't own that patent Sony would just produce their own OLED panels, instead they buy the panels from LG and add their own processing. Sony is more open to buying LG's panels because they're not as direct in competition and they've fallen in terms of electronic sales(except for PS4), so they want the absolute best from LG.

Samsung on the otherhand will not buy LG's panels because they're more direct competitors in Korea. They even vandalize eachother's electronics onstage.

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