Is antivirus software dead at last?

The debate about whether antivirus software is still useful has been going on for a few years now. This technology was once the mainstay of the security efforts for most businesses and home users. The challenge of late is the ability of these products and their providers to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape. This debate is front and center once again, particularly with the rise of ransomware, but without a clear answer.

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KingPin2066d ago

as long as windows exists...AVs will always be needed.

yes, they may not catch everything all of the time...but they never have. the thing is that they do catch what they can and you're still safer with it than without.

KTF262066d ago

I'm linux user and I'm sure Linux can be infected with virus because my PC infected with a virus few months ago
not as bad as Viruses on Windows but it's still a virus
Mac also can be infected
but windows have much lager user base and that make it the main target for the hackers

KingPin2065d ago

im not saying other OSes dont get viruses or malware and are superior to windows in any way, but 80-90% of PC users do use windows in some parts of their lives. be it work or home. its because of that they are targeted the most. so yeah, its more worthwhile attacking windows than any other OS out there.

im not claiming macs and linux are better than windows. never said that.

KTF262065d ago


That doesn't change anything
if people decided to migrate to Mac of Linux
more viruses will be released for them

mcstorm2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Every os has a virus. Android iOS Windows mac os linux and more. Its always going to be around its as simple as that. The reason why windows has the most is because it's the most used OS and been around the longest to.

That said I do have more issues with malware than a virus in my job but I do still see virus outbreaks from none careful users.

Ogygian2066d ago

inb4 "but macs can't get viruses!"

S2Killinit2066d ago

If so, we have Apple's business model to thank. Otherwise we would still be paying for anti virus software every year.