Rumour: AMD Radeon Pro 490 and RX 490 possible benchmarks leaked

MWEB GameZone writes: "Team Red might have two real winners on their hands."

zivtheawesome2556d ago

how can it be 11 teraflops yet only barely better than the GTX 1070 which has 6.5 teraflops? seems a bit weird to me

ABizzel12555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

TFLOPS is a relative term only to the brand of GPUs it's in.

A simple metric is

FLOPS = shaders * 2 * clock frequency

but that's more so the way AMD has their cards laid out.

Generally speaking if you want to directly compare AMD and NVIDIA cards in FLOPS (AMD is usually rated higher than NVIDIA). Then boost the NVIDIA GPUs FLOPS by 30% and then you're in the ballpark for AMD. I don't think anyone has come up with a better solution yet on direct comparisons, but from my experience it the 30% range puts you in ballpark range, so consider the 1070 around 8.5 TFLOP in AMD terms.

That being said the RX 490 Pro seems like it's a dual GPU based on the words of the article, and more than likely it's Xfire RX 480's which is exactly where the 11 TFLOPS would come from, and should be priced at $400 - $500 ($400 would be ideal, but likely $500 for custom cooling etc...).

And it'll be a solid GPU that outperforms the 1070 and go almost toe to toe with the 1080 in most games for a fraction of the price.


The RX 490 I'm assuming is going to go toe to toe with the 1070.

VJGenova2555d ago


The R9 295x2 is a dual GPU and has 11.6TFlops ... not sure how this would "turn the tide."


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