The Google Pixel Smartphones Might Lack an Audio Jack

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL could be the next smartphones to arrive without an audio jack. Or that is what the leaked images suggest.

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pressjudge1386d ago

Maybe Apple and Google have a future tech to implement with this lack of audio's a bit fishy

mac_01386d ago

Wireless headphones are more comfortable than the ones with a wire.

steven83r1386d ago

But comfort comes at a price. And as much as i want the Kanoa headphones i would be pissed if i lost 1. Then if you get the stupid cable to not lose them they are no longer wireless. There is no point in removing the headphone jack. Not as though it took up valuable space or bluetooth didn't work with the jack in place.

Artemidorus1385d ago

You wear the cables on the ears? Strange.

fr0sty1386d ago

Another phone I'll never buy, then.

KwietStorm1385d ago

They're all getting rid of the jack eventually, possibly as soon as next year, but this article's information is wrong.

FBNS1386d ago

My Bluetooth lg headset has been working fine for a couple of years now. Headphone jack is only a place for water to try to get in while raining

mac_01385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

It is a potential weak point.

badz1491385d ago

yeah, sure. Xperia says hi!

ZeroX98761385d ago

never had a problem with my S5 when water gets on it, even in the headphone jack. It's actually sealed.

Artemidorus1385d ago

Just another excuse to raise the prices for audio.

mac_01385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Treu, but it's ironic because in a normal world when you use fewer components the price should go down.

KwietStorm1385d ago

"Google usually opted to place the audio jack on the bottom of the smartphone, because, they say, users generally introduce the smartphone in their pockets with the upper side down, and this way the audio jack would actually be in the upper part of the pocket."

I don't know what these guys are talking about, or where they get their information from, but Google sure as hell doesn't usually have the jack on the bottom. Even the current Nexus had it on the top. Sadly, Apple is one of few manufacturers that elects to put it in the "right" place. And the renders of the Pixel phone show the jack at the top. We won't know for sure until the 4th, or the 3rd if press shots leak, but this article is a little bit.. Peculiar.

mac_01385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Nexus 5x has the audio jack on the bottom, next to the usb port.