Apple: You can have taxes or you can have jobs, but you can't have both

Apple to the EU: The $14.5 billion back tax ruling "will have a profound and harmful effect on investment and job creation in Europe."

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MrDead2584d ago

If I ran a country a company that doesn't pay its taxes can't operate or sell its goods, there's plenty of other businesses out there that would happily take Apples place.

Not just picking on Apple, I would treat all the scumbag companies the same, Microsoft, Vodafone, Topshop, Starbucks, Google, Amazon, Facebook, almost all banks....etc. If you don't pay taxes then f*** off, you can't trade here.

SirBradders2584d ago

The thing is they made something like 50 billion profit and their tax bill is 14 billion I heard somewhere.

So effectively they won't need to cut jobs and just pay their tax.

kneon2584d ago

And they are sitting on more than $200 billion in untaxed and under-taxed cash. They really don't want to start paying taxes like normal companies, that would take a large chunk of their hoard, and take a big chunk out of their stock price.

freshslicepizza2583d ago

unless every country has the same tax portfolios you will always see companies taking advantage of those that charge less.

ninsigma2583d ago

They do pay their taxes. This a a thing going on here in Ireland. They are paying taxes but they are using legal loop holes to pay less. They haven't actually done anything wrong.

XXanderXX2584d ago

What a bunch of self centered ARSE , I hope the EU takes the 14.6 Billion and sizes them up for next year . To hell with Apple .

-Mezzo-2583d ago

Exactly how I felt after reading this, this is borderline blackmail.

Gwiz2584d ago

Why should we care if a company pays taxes?because we do?lol they have a bargaining position and we don't.
Smell that coffee and really let it sink in.

windblowsagain2584d ago

greedy slags.

Apple need bringing down. Pay there staff fukall.

Axle_Grease2583d ago

Apple will get cheers from me. It creates wealth. The EU creates bureaucracy and wealthy parasites no one can vote out.

plmkoh2583d ago

A country provides two things essential for a company to operate: stable environment/logistics and access to skilled citizens. Both of these are either investments or a result of careful welfare and concessions. A country pays for all of this through taxes.

So which does Apple want, a stable environment to operate or the cheapest tax system? Because there are 100's of zones Apple can operate in such as the Cayman Islands, but clearly it has chosen Ireland for good reason.

A bit hypocritical IMO.

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