Please stop saying tech inventions are going to kill each other

Snapchat is going to kill Facebook. Instagram is going to kill Snapchat. Facebook is going to kill Twitter. Uber’s Lyft killer. Apple’s Uber killer. These headlines are the norm on technology sites every single day.

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Devil-X1393d ago

Everyone is enjoying a monopoly at this stage but the real question is "for how long can it last" ?

Soldierone1393d ago

It's because of marketers. In order to sell a product you have to relate it to something successful, so a lot of them go the road of "This is the (insert big name brand) killer!" It grabs investors attention and reviewers attention, then they repeat it.

Honestly I think Facebook is only remaining around because they have money, plus they just buy whatever network challenges them. Instagram almost beat them out until Facebook bought it. I'm not worried about Snapchat because it's really niche still and not that enjoyable as a network. Facebook responding with Instagram was enough.

However Facebook making questionable moves and constantly doing what is in their interest and not the users is turning people away. The split between messenger and the app already made A LOT of people mad, and instead of addressing it they go and force the mobile web browser version to re direct to it too.....