Seagate Introduces 10GB/s PCIe SSD And 60TB SAS SSD

Seagate is looking to break records with two enterprise SSDs they're showing off at Flash Memory Summit this week.

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Stringerbell853d ago

I think I will be dead and buried before a 60TB SSD ever becomes affordable =/

MasterD919852d ago, that's something alright.

-Mezzo-851d ago

I'll never be able to fill it up.

hiredhelp851d ago

you sure will fill it up maybe not now,thing is over the 20 years of me on pc's I have seen hardware change the one thing ive learnt is hardware can tell you the future of whats comming very soon.
Ok look at the 1tb hard drives ok people thought wow thats huge which it was we never fill that when many had 120gb 200gb and 500gb hdd the data was small to adapt to the hardware that was around.
However when the 1tb hit not that long ago the price was high in next year or after 1tb prices saw down why because we enterd in what i call next gen of hardware games where getting bigger 2k screens where more relavent 3d on the horizan. what did we see because of this games no longer 4gb or even 8gb blu rays emerged 25gb -50gb dual layer games had installs much higher capacity than ever before soon you saw that 1tb getting filled with the 2-3tb along side it.
This 60tb trust me its another leap and it will be soon the norm in next few years..prices will crash after just wait.
btw sorry my crap spelling and grammer i do have difficulties but im not here for class. too old for that ha ha