After Nokia, Microsoft has given up on Lumia

It seems like Microsoft is going down in flames in the smartphone business.

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ravinash1822d ago

Bit of a shame.
I got a windows 10 phone (was Windows 8.1 which updated), and i really like it.
I don't get random updates of software which change the way my phone operates like how my old android phone used too. True I don't have as many apps, but I really used the extra apps anyway.

mcstorm1822d ago

A lot of people who don't follow Windows phone see this as the death of WM but I think its far from it.
I think this is the start of the end of the Lumia line for Microsoft and next year we will see the Surface Phone. We have he new HP phone out in the next few months and they have got a continuum dock and also a Laptop shell like the NexDock but with USB C.
Looking at what MS have done with the Surface I see them doing something out the box with the Surface phone. Maybe a Surface tablet dock shell that the phone plugs into.

Yes their is a big app gap but MS have said they are not pushing WM down the every day use but towards business and Continuum is their big selling point for this. The apps are not extra big phone apps like on an Ipad or Android.

It looks bad now but looking at it from the inside you can see the changes could work out well for MS just like the Surface line has.

ngecenk1822d ago

too bad. im an avid android user but it sucks to know we're stuck with only two options

Artemidorus1822d ago

Ugly UI and basic phones in my eyes.

Bring back the Nokia name with a decent Sony camera and a new windows UI without the ugly.

ps360s1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Not bad UI at all...I have owned samsungs,Iphones,LG's,Onep lus's,Sony's, (androids and IOS) but kept switching back to Windows 10 Mobile! (still owning the Samsung s6 edge and soon to be oneplus 3)

It has potential but lack of apps makes it really difficult (banking apps which are on androids and IOS are not on the Windows 10 store)

The os is smooth and very user friendly. Customize tiles to your liking ect ect

I prefer this then the ios and android

Phones like the Lumia 650 and Lumia 950xl are very nice looking and not basic at all....the Lumia 950xl is a powerhouse. (which I own both)

I do understand the hate (being MS and missing it's apps which are on either ios/android) but getting past these the Lumia range is good for what they do

XXanderXX1816d ago

All they wanted was the Nokia mobile division , with that in hand it time to kill Nokia mobile brand. So they can introduce the Surface mobile which may turn out to be a better product than the Lumia .