PewDiePie and other YouTubers were paid to promote video games with as little disclosure possible

It’s no secret that many YouTubers are paid to promote products for major companies, but public disclosure has always been an been a topic of hot debate.

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Speed-Racer2701d ago

I guess traditional ads just aren't working anymore. But I rather a banner ad than a popular YouTuber lying to me about a video game's worthiness.

Devil-X2701d ago

Yup that's to the point. Imagine what it would be like MKBHD praising a Galaxy S7 or a OnePlus 3 so much so in his reviews and getting paid for it by the respective companies. I bet millions would trust him with their eyes closed. This is some serious mess which needs to be cleaned.

C_Menz2701d ago

If only most people actually wanted this and didn't use adblock services. I make YT videos and also run websites and each year the amount of people using adblock goes up(currently hovers around 20-30% a month).

I understand some websites place to many annoying and vast amounts of ads. Just stop going to them instead of hurting every site trying to cover costs. Losing sometimes 30% of potential tial revenue on something that doesn't pay much per person to begin with is the cause of problems like this.

sonicwrecks2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Where was he lying about it's worthiness? He played the game, enjoyed the game, said so, didn't do a "review" as people claimed he did and did actually disclose in the description that the video was paid for by WB at a time when you actually weren't obligated to do so and a lot of other YouTubers didn't because WB didn't ask.

I love how this whole story has gone from "Pewdiepie was paid for reviews" to "Yeah, er.. well he should've done more!" This is more a story about WB now than anything, but then again things have changed since 2014.

DillyDilly2701d ago

Its not just this guy people have problem with its clear that like with the lotto issue going on now that the most popular youtubers are all shit holes & taking advantage of kids etc & must be stopped

annoyedgamer2701d ago

The rise of social media and Youtube has destroyed honest consumerism. What used to be fanpages and vloggers are now paid promoters. Not to mention dissenting opinions are censored immidiately.

mahmoods262701d ago

Why this a surprise? Everyone knew about this when Youtubers like TotalBiscuit and Boogie talked about it last year. People are acting shocked, it's not shocking now, it was shocking a year ago because it's been happening for a long time and it's never been this blatant. We argued the merits for months. Let just get WB fined for misbehaviour and move on.

jiggyteddy2701d ago

And let's see if these douchebags apologize.

Deadpoolio2700d ago

Well look at Angry Joe was milking and begging his subscribers for money to purchase a Wii U, YET he IS part of Channel Awesome which IS partnered with Maker Studios and he does make quite a bit of money each month, yet his subscribers needed to pitch in so he could buy a Wii U...And yet people try and defend him to the ends of the earth...

s45gr322701d ago

I forgot the name of the law but in US, the advertiser or advertising company cannot lie nor provide false advertisement. .. Meaning accoding to this article, these youtubers provided false advertisement......

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