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Man sues Apple for $10 billion, claiming he invented iPhone in 1992

A Florida man is suing Apple for $10 billion plus royalty fees for allegedly copying his invention called the "Electronic Reading Device" (ERD).

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Speed-Racer2026d ago

On a scale of 1 to best Florida Man story, how did he rank?

UltraNova2025d ago

I dont even... he...when...

Damn I give up.

VforVideogames2025d ago

I invented Burritos where can I file my claim?

kneon2025d ago

What an idiot. He doesn't hold a valid patent and development of similar devices had started years before he even filed his (abandoned) patent. And of course, like so much other tech, Star Trek invented it first :)

stuna12025d ago

I invented the Wheel! Where can I file my claim?