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No internet for Singapore public servants

Singapore says it will restrict access to the internet for public servants from May next year because of information security concerns.

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gizmig2048d ago

They should have come up with some better solution for the information security. This isn't a good solution to cut them out from rest of the world,

KingPin2048d ago

it may not be the best solution......but it is the cheapest.

gizmig2048d ago

Quite not the cheapest. Because it will definitely affect the state of mind of the servants and eventually they will not perform to their best ability in long term.

garrettbobbyferguson2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

"Why are they doing this?"

Because Singapore is a very ass backwards country when it comes to certain things. They have such strict laws as gum being illegal. 700 dollar fine for chewing gum.


That means i this laws apply to me i am going to be bankrupt within 3 days. I chew a chewingum about 4 times a day!

gizmig2048d ago

Well you should read the reason first why they have such restriction for chewing gum. Here is it, " Chewing gum was causing serious maintenance problems in high-rise public housing flats, with vandals disposing of spent gum in mailboxes, inside keyholes and even on lift buttons. Chewing gum left on the ground, stairways and pavements in public areas increased the cost of cleaning and damaged cleaning equipment. Gum stuck on the seats of public buses was also considered a problem. However, Lee thought that a ban would be "too drastic" and did not take action."

garrettbobbyferguson2048d ago

That is an issue in other places. Making it illegal to have a sugary treat isn't the answer though

-Mezzo-2048d ago

Yup, the imposed ban on gum had more to do with keeping the country as tidy as possible than anything else


They should try some other solution for it as if some of them might be innocent and they will face these problem which they dont deserve.