Why is everyone covering up their laptop cameras?

Stickers and slides serve to ease concerns that spooks could be watching our every move, as even the FBI director says he puts tape on his camera

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garrettbobbyferguson1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I can say first hand that some news stations were running a story about how "hackers can hack into your computers and tvs and watch you in your home". Paraphrased, of course but pretty close to what they were saying. And seeing this on TV, or on various news websites has convinced many people that they're going to be "hacked" any day and people will be spying on them.

gizmig1932d ago

I have always heard and saw these things in movies that some hacker has hacked the webcam remotely. But never saw someone doing that.

Ashlen1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

There was a story not all that long ago about a guy who was selling photos and videos from women he eventually got caught but I assure you there are many more who haven't gotten caught. And not only have hackers accessed peoples webcams so have government agencies and police to do surveillance. After the Apple phone fiasco as well as the fact that FBI keeps trying to get encryption removed from all sorts of devices and the fact that Microsoft has never fought the government it's safe to assume Windows has easy to access backdoors built in. Not to mention that if you own an Intel CPU that has AMT (basically all of them made in the last 10 years) you have a backdoor into your CPU that can be accessed even if you don't have an OS and it can't be disabled.

1932d ago
-Mezzo-1932d ago

I used to write this off as stupid people getting paranoid, but with all the things happening and what I've read is making me think otherwise.

Not so much that I've taped up my Laptop CAM, but still, makes me think a little.

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