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Waking up with Pavlok’s wrist-shocking wearable alarm clock - TechCrunch

"I can’t help but think about shock collars when I wrap the bright orange silicone around my wrist. They’ve always seemed fairly cruel. And yet, here I go."

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Oh boy, this is absolutely amazing in design and cool wrist band. A weareable alarm if cheap can be believed to buy once.

KingPin1603d ago

WTF...more pointless tech.

-Mezzo-1602d ago

You said it.

Can be used for fashion though.

kaizokuspy1602d ago

Seems pretty beneficial to the deaf people in the world. How do you think they wake up on time everyday?

HxCGamer1603d ago

haha this was on shark tank and the guy was a complete dick.

garrettbobbyferguson1603d ago

No thanks. I'd rather just have a really loud alarm clock/radio wake me up. Has been effective so far.


but we must give it a try who know it would be louder than you big alarm clock!

-Mezzo-1602d ago

Alarm clock is the way to go, I generally don't need one but Alarm Clock is a much better option, this has to be bad for you.

garrettbobbyferguson1602d ago

I don't think it would be bad for you. But with the amount of times I've been actually shocked I don't necessarily want to have it waking me up every morning. I could imagine developing a sub conscious fear of waking up. Pavlov's dogs, etc.

CrimzonRazor1603d ago

Wow now he is tring to sell it as a alarm clock did to many people see thru his therapy scam