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The music industry cranks up the volume in its fight against YouTube

The Music Industry is at war with YouTube. If this sounds familiar, it should. The two entities have been warring for a decade over how much YouTube should be paying the music labels for hosting the music videos and songs that helped turn the video site into a monolith. YouTube says it’s paid out $3 billion to the music industry and that’s plenty: the music industry says it's been paid the same amount by Spotify and it doesn’t even offer music videos and has accounted for far fewer streams. The fight isn’t new, but recently the stakes have been raised.

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garrettbobbyferguson2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

"Vinyl record sales in 2015 have brought in more revenue than youtube"

Wow. I have contributed to those vinyl record sales as I'm an avid collector, but this is surprising. On the other hand

"the billions of streams it generates gives the music labels promotional benefits that cannot be garnered elsewhere"

I hate this argument used. Promotional benefits means nothing if you're not bringing in money. I've had people use my music in the past without consent. They cited that it offered me promotion, but there wasn't any increase in purchases. It's just not an entirely viable argument. It's also not surprising that the music industry wants to revise the DMCA to better suit them, as regardless of the money they are making they're also complaining it's not enough and looking to rip people off, including musicians.