The World’s First Solar Powered Airport No Longer Pays Electricity Bills

So much has been done to our climate, a lot of folks have been going green but we have never seen anything of this magnitude, an airport been powered by solar energy.

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Settler1937d ago

Great achievement from Indian :D

sonicwrecks1937d ago

Impressive but I wish this story had said a bit more about it. How much space does it take up? What amount of electricity do the solar panels produce? Etc.

garrettbobbyferguson1937d ago

Impressive at first until you realize it cost a billion dollars or an outrageous amount to install it all.

sonicwrecks1937d ago

According to the story $9.2 [Blank] - I assume million. In which case considering the amount of electricity that an airport burns through it might very well cover its costs in a decade or less.

hesido1932d ago

Probably million. Though the $9.2 [Blank] makes the article look so stupid. Probably one of the most important information to give, and they botched it.

vallencer1936d ago

Supposedly, this stat is for the US, it would take only .6% of our land to power the whole entire US. So I'm sure that one airport probably took a few football fields. Maybe a little more. I just wish we would switch to solar power.

-Mezzo-1937d ago

Great achievement indeed.