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Nvidia And AI: An Untapped Potential

The Outrageous Computing Company Nvidia is all ready to dive into diverse markets like Driverless cars, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

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jessionpc2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I've wanted to be able to talk with the characters in a video game for a long time, "No, not have the game FAKE it, but literally interact with me based on the characters limited profile of knowledge they are given."

It's a long ways off, but I dream of a time we see language recognition, complete voice actor audio profiles, and, "what seems like today", extremely advanced AI, that can converse with us.

Imagine being able to physically speak and ask Ellie in TLOU about her mother? Imagine being able to TALK to Cortana in Halo after a firefight? Imagine joking about stupid shit while driving around in FF15 with your 3 buddies?

Now THAT'S next gen.

Edit: Before anyone says anything, no I'm not talking about sentience, "that's too far away right now", but even if it was basic interaction, i'd love it. I'm also not likening this to Mass Effect's dialogue menu. Interaction, not reaction. Hearing, "Shepard.", every time you say hi, isn't the AI i'm talking about.

Just asking the Firekeeper in Dark Souls 3, "Hey, can I level up?", or Asking Ghernam in Bloodborne, "What happened between you and Maria?", and having them respond would be so much more immersive."

s45gr322051d ago

Oh my god that would be phenomenal to have a one to one conversation either via sign language or through dialog without the need of a dialog menu. Yes my friend that would be true next-generation gaming.

s45gr322051d ago

So NViDia wants to be Google lol