A look at the YouTube 'Fair Use' controversy

MWEB GameZone writes: "YouTubers have recently united behind two content providers, raising over $100k in support"

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HanCilliers1943d ago

The tricky subject of what falls under "fair use." Would've liked to see that video in question. Did they give critique on Hosseinzadeh's work? Was it a parody?

garrettbobbyferguson1942d ago

So far from what I can tell nothing that h3h3 has made would fall under fair use. They take the footage that they're using, reupload it in its originality, and then record themselves reacting to every portion of it. Most of these youtubers put out trash content any way, so who cares.

sonicwrecks1942d ago

YouTube is so broken when it comes to fair use, content ID, pretty much everything at this point. The problem is it still really the only viable game in town.

KingPin1940d ago

there is a simple way to curb reaction channels.

youtube should create a thing like or whereby you can add links of multiple videos and watch em together. that way 2 people will get views added to their videos instead of one thieving reactor. Also, any reaction channels should have to ask permission from the original content creator before making any sort of reaction video.

gizmig1940d ago

I really appreciate the fact they are investing that amount to start an organization to save others who are facing the same issue.