Technology and child development: how much is too much?

Kids have it easy these when it comes to technology, but is it too much?

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ISHU1944d ago

Technology can be a great teacher if you want to learn from it. I always thought that kids these days are way more smarter compared to their previous generation. All because of great tech available everywhere. But i also believe it has disconnected people in real life as well. The feeling of meeting your relatives and friends for dinner or parties has a different feel and experience to it instead of sitting all day in front of your computer or mobile. So while it has made us smarter it has also disconnected us as well.

garrettbobbyferguson1943d ago

Smarter isn't the term to use. Just because a kid knows how to use an iphone doesn't make them smarter. Not to mention there's still a huge lack of knowledge, despite the vast resources available in the form of wikipedia alone.