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Wendy's ramps up self-serving kiosks in response to minimum wage increase

Wendy’s has pushed forward its self-serving kiosks installation date in response to the announcement of increased minimum wages in New York and California.

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Speed-Racer2069d ago

No surprise really. Gotta admit the self-driving cars project has taken off way faster than I thought it would, so this doesn't shock me.

iNFAMOUZ12069d ago

greedy a** people, this is not good, less jobs

BuildTheWall2068d ago

If you've got to keep increasing what you are required to pay your employees there will be consequences. Every company has will need to raise prices on items & cut jobs to make up for min. wage increases , food will increase if weather has been bad , prices may increase on items due to problems / disagreements between countries on economical issues , war , tax increases , etc. You can thank a Democrat for the loss in jobs as they are responsible for tax increases , min wage increases. Min. wage & tax increases will NOT help anyone as they will be passed on to the consumer as higher prices & this means that you won't buy more since prices increased to offset the raise in pay & taxes.

Omnislashver362068d ago

You act like Wendy's can't handle the higher pay. We haven't had a living wage in years, meaning the corps are profiting more whether or not you want to admit to it. It's pure greed, nothing else.

richardmmorales2068d ago

The opposite didn't happen when wages didn't go up with inflation.

dcbronco2065d ago

It's amazing how people buy into that right wing corporate sheeple mentality. When this issue first came up the genius CEO from McDonald's brought up that to raise wages to 15.00 he would have to charge 67 cents more for every Big Mac. So really maybe five cents for each item.

But here's the worse part, why the hell the a Big Mac cost so much in the first place. We know thanks to him labor is 67 cents. The ingredients cost McDonald's less than the labor for bulk prices. We know they pay nowhere near the 35% tax rate. I believe they pay around 8%. So explain the $4.39 price in my area. Especially since the burger itself is a third actual beef.

I do know a huge percentage goes to advertising. Here's a clue McDonald's, follow the lead of the smaller companies eating into your revenue. Use quality ingredients instead of sports stars to sell food. And please explain the other three dollars for the big mac. No let me. Pure corporate greed.

thorstein2063d ago

Just curious. Why do products at Wegmans cost similarly to those at Tops and Publix even though Wegmans pays their employees way more, gives them maternity leave, cheap prescriptions, vacation pay, and tuition assistance?

I just need to know why one of the top 5 companies to work for can do all of this though charging what the "discount" stores charge. Can you please illuminate me?

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donthate2068d ago

lol... that is how you get efficiency. Businesses are there to profit by increasing efficiency. Workers cost a lot of money, including a lot of head ache like sickness, doing the job poorly, conflicts and etc... while costing you more, businesses are most certainly going to replace you as soon as possible.

Capitalism 101.

Ashlen2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Well I've pushed up my plans to eat at places other than Wendy's

annoyedgamer2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Support local businesses. They will all be gone when the feds enforce min wage increases on all 50 states that you so desperately want and you will have no choice but to eat at corporate chains. Either that or shell out big bucks.

Ashlen2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Or I could support workers instead of supporting the people who do nothing and make millions that are unwilling to share a larger percent of the profit with the people actually doing the work.

The gap between the wealthy and the average working class citizen is the true downfall of the nation. Give the majority more money and they will be able to buy more things which means more things will need to be made and the whole economy will grow. This is a proven fact but the wealthy pay money to trick fools like you into thinking it's better to pay the working class less so the wealthy can gain more.

It's also a proven fact that there is a limit to what the wealthy will reinvest in the country which means most of their money sits in banks gaining interest which is a major cause of inflation.

steven83r2069d ago

Fuck local businesses they are the worst. They are all about top dollar just like corporate chains. I go to a "local" business and end up paying $24 for a burger and fries and not even a great one. Or $9 for 1 small slice of pizza and a can of soda. Screw them too. End of the day the mom and pop shop started the business to make it big. Otherwise they would be selling all their products dirt cheap to take customers away from places like Wendy's.

donthate2068d ago


Money sitting in banks don't do cr@p, and doesn't hurt. It's money in circulation that affects inflation more i.e. supply demand.


Small businesses will cut corners when it comes to food safety and cleanliness. Why? Because unlike big chain stores, they don't necessarily invest into a system to maintain and manage workers. Also, chains leverage mass buying power, and low profits margins by scale to make money. Small businesses need high margins to survive, because they are less efficient.

I want to support small businesses, because it is dang though, but chainstores have great consumer friendly policies, safer food, and cheaper prices. It's hard to say no to that.

Ashlen2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


Um, please take an economic course, money in banks earns interest, Do you think money fairies make that money? When people have billions of dollars collecting interest there in no way for banks to create money as fast as the interest grows. The interest increases the amount that's idle and it's a multiplicative effect over time.

What you said doesn't even make sense.

dcbronco2065d ago

Small businesses would have no problem paying $15 an hour if they got the same tax breaks the large corporations get. People get fooled by corporations whining about the tax rate but ignore that they get huge breaks that small business never gets. Many are earmarked specifically for the corporations.

GE made over 13 billion in profits recently and over 3 billion was rebates from the government. These corporations get billions in subsidies for "improving" their business to increase profits. Does the average Joe get his college paid for to increase his profits. Hell no. But some people will still believe in nonsense like entitlements being the cause of societies problems.

People need to wake up to the obvious greed of corporations and stop buying into the idiotic idea that one day you'll be on the receiving end of those same advantages. The Romney "see you soon" fantasy. You will see those wealthy people soon when driving through their neighborhood. When you come back in the morning to fix their computer, walk their dog or mow their lawn. The chance you'll be moving in is extremely slim and they do everything in their power to keep it that way.

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annoyedgamer2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Good, go donate your paycheck to them then. Oh you meant my paycheck...

Meanwhile I am going to order my groceries online and have it delivered.

Ashlen2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

*rolls eyes* Just pure selfish greed.

You are exactly whats wrong with this country. And you flaunt it which just makes you that much worse in my eyes.

I know you aren't, but you should be ashamed of yourself.

stuna12069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I agree with you. The idea being pushed now and so many years prior, is that there is such a thing as the Lower, Middle and Upper Class individuals. There is no such thing! Lower and Middle Class are of the same classification. Then there's Upper Class. I don't know what most consider real money 75,000, 150,000 or, even $300,000 a year, but due to people living above their means of living, inflation and the actual cost of living those actual figures will amount to about a third of what they put their hands on. Now make a comparison to what the true Upper Class bring to the table and it's peanuts in comparison.

Not to mention 1% of the elite holds the entire worlds wealth!

As a side note, it's easy to snicker and snear and comment people getting better welfare/unemployment benefits until your head is the next one on the chopping block! Believe me many have said it won't happen to me.

annoyedgamer2069d ago

And there is the reality that all of us who understand economics have been telling you about. Now instead of earning $X per hour they are all earning $0 per hour AKA unemployed. Better go demand more wellfare benefits...maybe that was the plan all along.

Omnislashver362069d ago

Disagree, this is just pure greed on Wendy's part. Acting like they're losing unsustainably is just PR talk for 'fuck you, we were just looking for an excuse to maximize profits'

annoyedgamer2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

The rest of the world is moving to automation. Or is the "Can't stop progress" no longer a viable statement. Times change, you will have to learn to change with them. Now if you excuse me I have to order my groceries online and have them delivered to my door. Or should I feel sorry for the min wage workers at Walmart...

The garbage trucks in my neighborhood no longer have men picking up the trash cans, an automated arm does the work of 3 men. Many of them are now unemployed. That must be greed too...

s45gr322068d ago

I worked at a fast food restaurant and everything was already made or pre-cook. When it comes to fast food, the meat, the soups, the eggs, etc. all come via a box. There is no stove to cook food only micro ovens or a burger grill line and that's it. The only thing that is made in fast food restaurants are the salads and the coffee drinks like mochas or espressos. The hardest part in fast food is the deep cleaning everyday. I said allow fast food workers to get tips. That's a better solution than paying a burger flipper or cashier (cashier gets replaced by self-serve kiosk) $15.00 an hour. $10.00 or $12.00 for minimum wage is perfect no more no less and is time to reduce the cost of living; to match the cost of living with the $10.00 minimum wage. For example, instead of paying $1,400.00 for 1 bedroom apartment; to pay $600.00 for 1 bedroom apartment. In every single state except New York and especially California the cost of living matches the minimum wage.

Omnislashver362068d ago


I said that because the only reason they pushed the dates forward, is because of rise in minimum wage. That's so petty. I actually have no problem with automation, but we'd have to move to a new form of pay. Shorter work weeks(really, two 3 day workweeks alternating) with similar pay. This is not that scenario, obviously.

dcbronco2063d ago

People like annoyedgamer make me laugh. They will be the ones most hurt when their turn on the chopping block comes. Do we really need lawyers, not most of them. Laws have been passed that go unenforced that were meant to have the law in plain language. But that would eliminate the jobs of the friends of congressman.

Accountants, no. Computers could be made to handle most of that. Tax preparer, no. Computers. Financial analyst, no. Usually wrong. That and biases or corruption skew the results. CEOs, no. Most companies rise and fall with market conditions. A CEO truly worth a million dollars salary would be successful regardless.

There are few jobs that could or won't be replaced in the next 50 years. So annoyed don't worry. You'll have real reason to be annoyed soon enough. The difference being when your time comes it will be deserved since you cheered it on.

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steven83r2069d ago

If everyone thought like you there would never be an increase in wages. Just sit there and be happy making $4 per hour because of fear you may lose your job for wanting a living wage. Fuck all the companies who are firing people or closing. This is years away and they are using the excuse of wage hikes to fire people today. Why is no one suggesting the CEO not take $15 million a year instead of saying the poor should take a cut in wages or hours. If you can't afford to pay your employees a decent wage, you don't deserve to be in business.

2pacalypsenow2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Haha , that's what they get for trying to make money of a skilled worker

s45gr322068d ago

It is the cooks at 4 star restaurants, 3 star restaurants, Norms, Dennys, that actually cook using a stove. The cooks at fast food restaurants use micro ovens, or a convenction belt for the burgers. The food at fast food restaurants is already pre-made and pre-cook.

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