iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Will not Be Removed, Source Says

The Apple rumor mill recently began buzzing with rumors for iPhone 7's headphone jack's remove. However, it now seems to be false alarm. New clues suggested that iPhone 7 will outfit a headphone jack.

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spy20121563d ago

I believe Apple will not remove it.... unless it is cool enough to attract people....

Speed-Racer1562d ago

"Innovation at its finest. We are the first manufacturers to stick with a standard design."

007Tech1562d ago

hope this rumour may come true..

ISHU1562d ago

Lol you want the headphone jack to be removed?


I think he is an iphone hater or a drunk who wants to remove the headphone jack from their.

ISHU1561d ago


Lol! he sure is

subtenko1562d ago

My sources beg to differ with such a statement