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We Put EVGA, PNY, & MSI on Camera to Battle over Best Graphics Card

This video allows each GPU manufacturer one minute to explain who makes the best graphics cards for gaming. It's a speed-round, to be sure. -

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Hold_It2771d ago

EVGA, MSI, and XFX I would say are top 3 in no order.

Dasteru2775d ago

Best IMO:

Case = Corsair, Antec, Lian-Li. Take your pick. All 3 are great. Corsair = highly modular, Antec = Huge internal space & kickass designs, Lian-Li = Best build quality, all aluminum.
Mobo = MSI - Seem to be the most innovative manufacturer, loads of useful features that nobody else has. Some of the best on-board audio i have heard. These are the only mobo's i would actually say you do not need a dedicated sound card with.
PSU = XFX - Built like tanks, Full heavy guage steel enclosures. Direct power circuits for higher efficiency than most others.
GPU = EVGA - One of the few that provide life time warranty and will even give you a newer/better GPU than you had if they do not have your original one in stock. Customer service in my experience is fast as fack. Did an RMA on my GTX 470 and recieved the replacement (US to Canada) like 4 days later, before they even recieved the dead unit.
Ram = G-Skill - Performance just as good as Corsair for much lower cost.

Hold_It2771d ago

Agreed. PNY is hot garbage, along with Zotac, Diamond, Visiontek, and Gigabyte cards.


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