ASRock Officially Confirms Broadwell-E Processor Lineup

While Intel confirmed their flagship Core i7-6950X processor on their own webpage last week, ASRock has confirmed the rest of the processors which will be part of the Broadwell-E family. Based on the 14nm node developed for the Broadwell architecture, the Broadwell-E lineup will make its way to the market in Q2 ’16 (Computex) along with new entries in the X99 boards from AIBs like ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and others.

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ChrisW913d ago

Interesting... But I won't be truly interested until they come out with a Deca-Core 4.0Ghz or higher, then I'll consider dropping money for a MB and RAM to go with such a CPU.

(I currently have an i7-4790K)

Tzuno912d ago

140W TDP, no thank you.