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SpaceX finally landed a rocket on a drone ship, marking an important milestone for space flight

SpaceX made history today after they were able to successfully land a Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the ocean without incident, after the rocket propelled a Dragon vehicle into space.

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XhiXExtreme2269d ago

The people that laughed at them the 1st 2 times.... ahah XD Rome wasn't built in one day!

amiga-man2269d ago

That is pretty impressive, it's amazing to see what people are capable of when they focus their minds on something, the platform they landed on wasn't even that big.

Well done Space X


Well yes, this seems to be a practice for them to land spacecrafts on hard stuffs and i think they are doing this because they want them to be ready for any difficult situations.

gizmig2269d ago

Yes it is pretty amazing. I just saw the video of landing it in the ocean and it looks fascinating as it sounds.

sonicwrecks2268d ago

Ignoring the fact Blue Origin have launched and landed the same rocket multiple times at this point, to do an ocean landing is amazing.