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BlackBerry Drops The Price Of The Android-Powered Priv By $50 ($650)

Michael Crider: "The BlackBerry Priv is nice. It really is! As the company's first full Android device it's impressive, and it's a downright godsend for all those users who've been starved for a high-end phone with a physical keyboard since the DROID 4 came out four freakin' years ago. But it's also expensive. At $700 in the US, it's among the priciest phones on the market... and BlackBerry's falling star in the smartphone world means that they can't afford to play at the same level as Samsung and Apple, at least not yet. "

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kronicgeek2270d ago

Even if they'll drop it by $300-400, no one would buy! Why keep the prices so high when your company is struggling for sales? Huh!