5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile manufacturer, is believed to be one of the top contenders in the new age of affordable smartphones. The young company has even dethroned big brands like Samsung and LG in terms of sales figure both in the homeland and in outer regions like India. This year company took the announcement of its latest Mi flagship device to International in Barcelona, which was parallelly announced in China.

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Vennimalaig1940d ago

Yes, It's realy good one.. :) i love it.

gizmig1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

In Indian markets Xiaomi must have invested a lot but now they are loosing their grip.


No they are'nt loseing the grip in indian market. In India people are'nt reliable on chinese products except chinese toys because they chinese products get broke soon. Thats a great achievement for the chinese that their xiaomi series phones a re getting popular in india.

gizmig1939d ago

Anyways that is just my opinion and the same opinion of my friends around me.


Yes, everyone has their own opinion.