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Sell It, Keep It, Trash It: What To Do With Your BlackBerry Phones

It is sad that BlackBerry is struggling to stay alive and it looks like the ailing Canadian company could officially kill the BlackBerry brand in 2017. Of course, it could still have a tiny thread of existence with its Android range of smartphones that’s if they think its financially wise and technically viable.

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proudly_X2032d ago

It looks like it is game over for BlackBerry 10.

Perhaps, if BlackBerry had pushed BB10 same year when Android came out or even a year later, things could have been a little different. They where comfortable with the old and dated OS 6, shame.


Yes now the time for blackberry ends and they are lost behind android. They might finish BB in 2016 only but to stay alive in this race they must need to do a miracle and that will not be easy for them take people through from android.

gizmig2032d ago

I already have two blackberry phones lying in my drawer. Don't know if I will ever use them again after using iPhone.


I do'nt use an iphone but i too had one blackberry phone in my house but now where it is thrown no one knows. I might now try to find it. I think that the time for bb has now gone.

gizmig2029d ago

BB needs to do something extraordinary to attract its customers again atleast in the business class category.


Yes they need to but that is not easy for them as android and apple has fixed their foot in the smartphone market.

Griever2032d ago

How times change. I remember an era when people bragged about having a Blackberry. My friends tried to get one even if just a used older model. It was symbol of prestige and class. And now look at it today. Touchscreen smartphones and OS killed the past giants of the smartphone industry.

gizmig2031d ago

It's all about the time. Time has changed everything from man to technology.

EXTREMETECH2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I still remember an advertisement of blackberry that amazed people out here. My bigger brother argued my dad many time for that bb but my father did'nt agreed with him. And its right its just about time.

Nilla_Nate2032d ago

I always keep my old phones as back ups in case something happens to my main phone.

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