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6 secret tricks that your Android can perform

If you’re looking to get more out of your Android device, KnowTechie rounded up 6 hidden tips and tricks that will make you an Android power user.

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gizmig2493d ago

There are way more tricks an Android phone can perform. There a few common ones that you have listed in this article one of them is Naming my phone.

mahmoods262493d ago

You can download maps offline to google maps now. That's not a trick, that's a feature.

Picture in picture multitasking. Now that's a neat trick.

Why o why2492d ago

not for the galaxy phones. Been there for years

Speed-Racer2492d ago

If you're an Android user, this isn't really that great of a list as nothing here is a secret.

KnowTechie2492d ago

They're a secret to my mom. She still doesn't know how to turn off her ringer lol.


These are just small tips but their is a lot more android phones performs.