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Microsoft is adding the Linux command line to Windows 10

Microsoft is reaching out to Linux developers in a way that the company never has before. "The Bash shell is coming to Windows. Yes, the real Bash is coming to Windows," said Microsoft's Kevin Gallo on stage at today's Build 2016 keynote. The announcement received an uproarious applause from the crowd. The new functionality will be enabled as part of this summer's Anniversary Update to Windows 10.

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castdreams2494d ago

:0 well that's just awesome!

joeorc2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

LMAO , TIM..hahaha, but Microsoft has to do something to court those developers to Windows environment.. What better way than to.gather Ubuntu on board..this is to keep steamOS from gaining more traction along with Android. Dev environment to work within to keep Windows loaded instead of switch over to Linux instead for Linux its easier to work on Android from the Linux environment
.now Microsoft is trying to make the case instead use Bash on Ubuntu on

Godmars2902493d ago

So much for running to Linux to escape Windows. Not that they own necessary code already.

micx2493d ago

Awesome news, hopefully Microsoft becomes more and more open to open-source development.

s45gr322493d ago

I am pleasantly surprised to see Microsoft support open source coding.