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Oculus Rift review: The Verge

For a long time, the hopes and dreams of many virtual reality fans could be summed up with two words: Oculus Rift. Helped by the rise of cheap smartphone displays, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey took a technology that most people considered a retro curiosity and convinced them that it could change the world. The Rift let you skydive without a parachute. It helped artists show the world through another person’s eyes. It simulated beheading. It put you in fictional settings that ranged from kaiju-fighting robots to Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment.

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micx2496d ago

So, the reviewer is quite happy with how Oculus Rift turned out to be. A bit less immersive than the development kits of HTC Vive, but also more comfortable so I guess OR would win. It's not much of an immersion if you get tired easily by wearing it. And touch controls are yet to come.

It seems it's a little light on the software side, which is expected. But perhaps they could have had a bit more built-in software out of the box, at least enough to rival Samsung Gear.

If you're not into being an early-adopter (I understand the allure though), it's probably best to wait a bit until more games come out.
Hardware-wise, not a bad job at all.

level 3602496d ago

Quite certain an Oculus without those damned headphones will be in production ASAP.

Sahil2491d ago

Funny, the thing that worries me the most about the Vive is the fact that it’s made by HTC – a company that has been struggling a lot recently and one that might not be around in a couple of years. If Valve had gone at it solo or partnered with a better company then I would have been far more interested in the Vive.