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iPad Pro 9.7 review : Techradar

This is the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Or, if we had to guess, the future incarnation of the iPad.

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Revvin1954d ago

I'd like to see some stats from Apple proving their claim of PC users are buying an iPad Pro in place of their Windows PC/Laptop etc. because I find it hard to believe. If you're doing anything more than just browsing or reading email then the iPad is limited compared to something like the Surface which can run full Windows applications. I still use my 3rd Gen iPad just for browsing but for anything more than that I use my laptop or desktop PC. As my iPAD is starting to slow down quite a bit now I'm considering replacing it with a Surface or Surface Pro as for around the same price as an iPad I can run my Windows apps instead of hoping there is a cut down iOS app version of the full app I use on my PC.

With more and more 2-in-1 devices becoming available the iPAD is looking more and more limited.

Gondee1953d ago

I believe whats happening is that older windows PC's are still functioning at "enough". Users don't really feel the need to upgrade them because they simply arnt getting better at consuming media (and also hardware speed increases don't matter much anymore for the avg person). Thus many elect for devices specifically designed with content consumption in mind. ~Ipad/Surface.

micx1952d ago

Tablets are like a luxury, I'd always go for a laptor over a tablet, but if I'm already covered, then picking a tablet is not a bad idea at all.