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The iPhone 7 Needs to be a Hit; Here's Why

Taking into account Apple's March 21 event and how it has been a disappointment, the company needs to ensure the next iPhone is a technological marvel.

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freshslicepizza2500d ago

tim cook definitely does not have that charisma of steve jobs, nor does he have his vision of the next big product.

apple is going through major stagnation and the only new product the iwatch hasn't been that remarkable.

shadowknight2032499d ago

People have been saying for years that apple hasnt done anything remarkable with technology even with steve jobs, always behind the competition is what android users like to argue, but now that steve jobs is gone its tim cook that doesn't have what it takes? Okay buddy.

n1kki62499d ago

Steve jobs was apple, and whether or not it was his goal, he was the brand. He was often given the benefit of the doubt because of the early innovation and ease of use of the first iphones. Late in his tenure there was certainly a lack of innovation where competitors functionality was shoe horned into the apple OS and unfortunately at this point, iOS feels like an antiquated mess that isn't easy to use, since people want customization out of there personal devices.

freshslicepizza2499d ago


then tell me, what has tim cook done since jobs passed away? i have yet seen a new product that has gotten people excited since the ipad, the ipod and the iphone. the iwatch has been a failure and the rumored apple tv is missing in action.

instead we have seen the ipad get 20 different variations and the iphone go from small to big and now small again.

micx2499d ago

Topping charisma of Steve Jobs is really hard, if not impossible - he was basically a proto-hipster.
He was a great seller of ideas.

iTechHeads2496d ago

Actually I hope the iPhone 7 is a flop.
Apple still has the best products on the market but they could be doing so much more. Apple is slacking.

At the very top of my list of iPhone features Wishlist is an OLED screen. This years model won't have that from I'm hearing. So please let it flop until Apple takes some risks.