Fitbit Blaze review: The Verge

The new Fitbit Blaze is a good Fitbit. Like earlier Fitbit models, the $200 Blaze will track your daily activity, count your steps, monitor your heart rate, gauge how well you're sleeping, and put all of that data into an excellent, easy-to-use app on your phone. It will show you notifications for calls, texts, and calendar appointments. And it does some new things that you can't get with Fitbit's popular Charge HR — or even the last year’s performance-focused Surge. It can lead you through workouts by showing animated exercises on its watch-sized display.

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Sahil2135d ago

The aesthetic behind it kinda makes me want to buy one but then again i honestly have no use for something like this. I'd rather get an android smartwatch but i find them slightly overpriced at the moment.