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MovieSwap is creating the world’s largest online video library with the help of DVDs

MovieSwap is a virtual DVD platform which allows users to access,view, and swap an unlimited library of movies made available from physical DVDs uploaded to the cloud.

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sonicwrecks2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Nice idea but no way in hell are television and film companies going to stand for that. I'm guessing, amongst other copyright and rights issues it goes against the 'a performance in public' if you're making access of a film to everyone.

freshslicepizza2139d ago

you're right, it will never get approved. at first i thought it was a service that allowed you to send your movies to the cloud and you can watch just those movies. great option but then you'd be giving up your ownership.

KnowTechie2138d ago

Yea, I'm not really sure about that either. However, do you think these creators put any research into this? I mean, I wouldn't start a company that does this without researching first. Maybe they found a loophole?

sonicwrecks2138d ago

If they have it'll be closed in a hurry. Especially when you're affecting every single studio and every single production company.

KnowTechie2138d ago

either way, i'm very interested to see how this plays out.

micx2139d ago

An interesting twist, but I doubt the legality of it all.

barb_wire2138d ago

Hmm, my local Walmart used to offer this.. take in your DVD's, I think they limited it to 5 (per transaction).. but they would rip them to the 'cloud' and you could watch them via Vudu.. they don't do it anymore though. They now offer 'instawatch' on select BD/DVD via Vudu instead.

Stringerbell2138d ago

Yeah and how long before the MPAA files a cease and desist...