Will Windows 10 Mobile Turn Microsoft's Smartphone Fortunes Around?

Maximum PC: Things aren't looking so hot for Microsoft in the smartphone space. That isn't new, but with Windows 10 Mobile slowly inching its way to more devices, Microsoft is probably hoping for a greater share of the pie. Market research firm IDC isn't as optimistic.

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Revvin1010d ago

Its a step in the right direction for Microsoft. After Steve Ballmers scattergun approach to wanting to Microsoft to be everywhere without a clearly planned strategy Microsoft now seem to have aligned each of their divisions under one banner. Windows 8 was an awful product, Microsoft tried to take a desktop OS and shoe-horn it into the mobile space but it looks like now they have learned from that experience and Windows 10 will be a true cross platform OS.

Now that Microsoft has moved on from the doomed partnership with Nokia they have started to partner with other manufacturers like HP, Blu, Acer etc. They have a lot of ground to catch up but I think their smartphone sales will also be helped by the boom in 2 in 1 devices with manufacturers like Samsung producing sleek devices and people start to buy into the platform.

dcbronco1008d ago

The thing that can make a difference for Windows phone is Continuum. They need to bring that down to a $129-150 phone as fast as possible. The coming changes with chips should make that happen in the next couple of years and Microsoft needs to be onboard with it.