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This Guy Spent Four Years Creating an Imaginary Reddit for 3016


What will the Internet look like in 3016? Well, the Huffington Post will have a new name, the Galactic Security Administration will be the focus of conspiracy theorists, MindTube will tap videos right into your grey matter...and Reddit will look pretty much exactly the same.

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gizmig2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

The layout for Reddit will surely be going to same. #EverGreen

Stringerbell2157d ago

Oh I wish I could find this.... anyway a while back I was linked to a forum that had a single user. Registration was closed. There was something like 300 topics brought up, all by this one guy, talking to himself, quoting himself, and yes even arguing with himself. It was the cringiest thing I ever saw...

gizmig2157d ago

Right quality needed for starting his own forum and give it a kick