A 12-year-old girl is facing criminal charges for using certain emoji. She’s not alone.

The smiley face, heart, praying hands and other “emoji” have become the way millions of Internet users playfully punctuate their texts, posts and messages, but for one middle schooler the icons brought the police to her door.

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gizmig2836d ago

Well it can be a threat or just a message for fun in children in their childhood.

No_Pantaloons2836d ago

If the message wasn't a threat it doesn't make any sense, they had to follow up. I doubt she was serious, but there really HAS to be a no tolerance on this stuff where schools are concerned. EVERYONE has to know better.

kingPoS2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

So it's come to this, people taking non physical things far too seriously.

Please. Enter. Your. Pascode.



Loading. Templates.


The. Criminalization. Of. The. Internet. Is. Now. 62. %. Complete. If. You. Wish. To. Hasten. The. Process. Please. Donate. To. Your. Local ****** And. Or ****** Of. The. Subsequent. Governmental. Bodies.

The. Attache. List. File. £dh3//@&7 Will. Be. Provided. Via. Secure. Channels.

Logging. User. ROth6e732. Out.

Scary though eh?


Twitter Blue problems? How to sign up for verification despite error messages

Signing up for the new Twitter Blue has caused problems for some folks. The Shortcut details the roadblocks you may hit trying to sign up and how to get around them.

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EvilCackle356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital356d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan355d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational352d ago

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147d ago
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