Tablets Are Dead

In 2010, tablets were supposed to be the new hot thing. Apple released the first iPad, Samsung was working on the Galaxy Tab and countless others were about to flood the market with Android tablets. Six years later, there weren’t any tablets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Companies and consumers have moved on. Tablets are dead.

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Sahil1559d ago

So what would you use to watch netflix in comfort of your bed then? ;P

Ggrenier1559d ago

Because people can do everything with phone or just a computer so...

dcbronco1559d ago

Tablets aren't dead. We're about to go into the golden age of tablets. New chips with far more power will provide tablets with ability the previous versions wish they had. Once tablets can replace every other computer in the house it's the desktop and laptop that will fall behind.

N0TaB0T1558d ago

What are with these hipster retards and them thinking options are dead?