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U.S. sought data from 15 Apple iPhones in last four months

Court records released on Tuesday show the U.S. Justice Department has in the last four months sought court orders to force Apple Inc (AAPL.O) to help investigators extract data from 15 iPhones in cases across the country.

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gizmig2163d ago

Then what is the point of refusing to extract data that FBI has requested for?

cheetorb2163d ago

The FBI is not requesting data, they are requesting a backdoor to get into any iphone they want. Then they will go to Microsoft, Samsung ect..and demand the same thing.
Problem is, the FBI (and pretty much everybody else) are too dumb to possess such a tool as a backdoor. If such a tool exists, whoever has it will just get hacked then the backdoor is leaked and everyone's phone and all their info are now all over the internet. You may not have personal and financial info on your phone but many do.
Considering the FBI just got hacked a couple weeks ago and 30,000 FBI agents and Homeland Security workers personal info was stolen, I wouldn't trust them with my housekey.

2163d ago