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Donald Trump slams Apple for not allowing FBI access to San Bernardino shooter's phone

Everyone’s favourite politician, Donald Trump, has slammed Apple for refusing to create a backdoor to decrypt data stored on iPhones and other iDevices in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting in California.

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iliimaster2845d ago

this and only this should be the golden ticket into the phone set the standard apple and the rest will follow

sonic9892845d ago

let's not pretend and act naively and believe that apple are doing that .
this is theatrics but not really the best looking one .
anyway i know apple has back doors 100% without a doubt .

2pacalypsenow2844d ago

How do you know this? Do you have proof?

Bobafret2844d ago

Nice to know that Apple is above the law. I wish I could ignore court orders.

2pacalypsenow2844d ago

Its a little different, they are basically telling Apple break their software's security which can and will have future consequences, we don't want IOS and MacOs turning into Windows.

Nightmar3Demom2844d ago

Umm.......Apple is fighting this in court. What part of that is above the law?????

Guitardr852844d ago

Yeah im still confused on how Apple is able to say no in the first place...

1) the phone was actually government property who gave the FBI permission to search it
2) A judge issued a warrant to search the phone in relation to the case
3) Phones are broken into all the time to aid in cases where there is a legal warrant. Fundamentally, how is this any different?

dcbronco2844d ago

Actually Apple's ability to fight this is simple. Local police have used Stingray illegally to tap our phones. The CIA has illegally tapped our phones. The FBI has illegally tapped our phones and computers. The NSA has illegally tapped our phones and computers. The NSA and CIA take things that extra step because its actually illegal for them to spy on US citizens in the first place.

Apple builds security in their device that stops criminals. All of those organizations are proven criminals. They want Apple to provide them with the tools to commit further crimes. They may be breaking a lock to save someone from a burning building this time, but they'll them use that knowledge to steal again several million times.

Apple needs to stand strong. Our government has turned into everything it claims to be protecting us from. It can torture us, it can disappear us and it can kill us. And doesn't have to explain why to anyone. They already have done all of those things many times and can be found on video saying they have the right to. We had Saddam Hussein hanged because he was hurting his people. We have since been doing everything he was accused of. Why, because they say these Americans are our enemies. Saddam said the same thing about the people he tortured and murdered.

xander707692844d ago

This right here is how the terrorists keep winning. Not only do they kill us during these attacks, but our government responds by further eroding our freedoms and privacy. It's been happening since 9/11 and will continue until we have nothing left or say enough is enough. Those who would give up their freedoms for temporary security deserve neither.

Newmanator2844d ago

I'm sure the terrorists are laughing they won't get traced and won't have future plots foiled because of 'privacy'.
I wonder if the people with these views would think the same if their loved one was killed on an attack that could have been prevented by cracking the phone when it is a PROVEN terrorist's? The terrorist should have no rights to privacy alive or dead.

Why is everyone defending this murderer's right to privacy??!

xander707692844d ago

We are talking about Apple creating a tool the FBI can and will undoubtedly use in the future far outside the scope of just terrorism. The terrorists are indeed laughing as their actions further shape us into a police state. They know they can't topple us with force, but with fear they can change us. It's not about this one murderers privacy, it's about EVERYONE'S privacy.

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