Netflix has a black market for passwords, and they sell for just 25 cents

It’s long been known that hackers are nabbing and selling Netflix passwords, but a new report this week from security firm Symantec suggests the problem is growing following the streaming site’s recent international expansion to 130 new regions.

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gizmig2175d ago

What if other services like Facebook or Gmail accounts also have a black market? It sounds quite serious issue if they do.

Settler2175d ago

Today I learned that I can lease out my netflix account for few mad cash :D

Speed-Racer2175d ago

And then your account will be closed.

UKmilitia2175d ago

i can get netflix accounts £2.50 a year but gurateed for 6 months.
they have been around for years.

Pillsbury12175d ago

It's not leasing you are giving someone else access to your account, someone you do not know.