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Google now blocking websites that show fake download buttons

Google has now started blocking websites that use deceptive content or ads to make you do things that you wouldn't normally do, such as fake download buttons that appear right next to the real download button, or pop-ups demanding you phone tech support to remove a million malware infections that were apparently found on your computer. It sounds like this will be a gradual rollout; it'll take time for Google to work out which sites are consistent offenders.

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Settler2179d ago

So every torrent website?

ravinash2178d ago

It's not really blocking the site, just showing a red warning screen.
You can still access the site.

gizmig2178d ago

At least one can be little more careful while browsing those sites from now.

Speed-Racer2178d ago

@gizmig - stop watching all that porn and you won't see so many fake buttons.

2178d ago
gizmig2178d ago

Every torrent website and all the sites that let us download malwares. I hate them.

TheOpenWorlder2178d ago

Great news. No more shitty survey sites