Comcast will rollout its gigabit internet offering to five new cities this year

After testing its gigabit internet service with one user in Philadelphia back in December, Comcast is nearly ready to rollout the service on a much wider scale. Comcast will make the 1Gbps service...

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Cueil2862d ago

so you can burn through your data cap even faster!

Parasyte2862d ago

Every time I had Comcast, I never had a data cap.

NicSage2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Here in middle Tennessee our cap is 250 might be 350 gig's. I switched to comcast business no data cap, we use the internet for all our entertainment. With PS and Xbox offering games + updates to other games it goes quick. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, spotify, Pandora.

It's gone.

Parasyte2861d ago


I live in East TN, and Mine is the same. If you stream movies, and do a lot of online gaming, it just makes no sense for your ISP to have a data cap.

kingPoS2862d ago

Knowing them, it'll be capped at 720gb.

Skate-AK2862d ago

Lol I would be fine with that. My ISP has me locked at 150gb with a 50mb speed.

gizmig2862d ago

Soon 720Gb will also be seems like its not enough buddy.

Minimox162862d ago

im from other country but those cap are for each months?

NarooN2862d ago

Yep. Most ISP's in NA have arbitrary bandwidth caps pretty much to just scam more money out of consumers.

iliimaster2862d ago

with 4k streaming and more why bother with a service that has a cap


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