Toy Fair 2016: Scalextric cars get tablet upgrade

The latest toys and potential best-sellers are on show at an exhibition in London.

This year, toy-makers have embraced technology to bring a modern twist to some classic favourites.

Watch BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones go hands-on with an app-enabled Scalextric racing set and other new toys.

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sonicwrecks1414d ago

Great to see how the toy companies of the past are adapting to the modern tech. I'd've loved something that timed my Scalextrix cars as as a kid. Proper race rules. Love it.

Stringerbell1413d ago

These things always used to fly off the road but it was always fun setting up the track around the living room.

sonicwrecks1413d ago

Nothing like the whirr and smell of overcooking electric motors in the air.

WizzroSupreme1413d ago

I used to love these kind of cars as a kid. Glad to see they're still kicking.