Facebook and Instagram to ban users from coordinating private gun sales

Facebook will soon forbid users from coordinating private firearm sales using the social network, according to Reuters and The New York Times. The move, which also extends to Instagram, is a dramatic statement from the company, which has already worked to tighten policies around guns. The new measure applies to public posts; Facebook won't be scanning through your private messages to uncover gun sales. Also important: this doesn't apply to posts from licensed gun dealers, which will continue to be permitted on the social network.

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Stringerbell1732d ago

So public posts about private deals is a no no. But private posts about private deals is okay. Am I reading that right?

RetrospectRealm1732d ago

Well, I don't think there is really a way to stop private posts about private deals because after all, they are private... Nothing they can really do there.

Stringerbell1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Yeah right? So at the end of the day this 'ban' is meaningless. As anyone who would enact in such a way will just do the alternative and it would be business as usual. I guess them being vigilant does deserve some acknowledgement...

sonicwrecks1732d ago

That's... actually pretty sensible. From both a cultural and corporate responsibility standpoint. They've taken it as far as they can without infringing privacy at any rate.

WizzroSupreme1732d ago

Private is never private when you're using someone else's platform – much less on the internet. Regardless, I don't see why people need to be conducting gun sales on Facebook and Instagram of all places.