Google's Project SkyBender aims to beam 5G internet from solar-powered drones

Google is working in secret at a spaceport in New Mexico to build and test solar-powered internet drones in a new initiative codenamed Project SkyBender, according to a report from The Guardian today. The company is reportedly renting 15,000 square feet of hangar space from Virgin Galactic — the commercial spaceflight outfit of business mogul Richard Branson — at the privately owned Spaceport America located near a town called Truth or Consequences. The lynchpin of Project SkyBender appears to be cutting-edge millimeter wave technology, which can transmit gigabits of data every second at speeds up to 40 times faster than modern 4G LTE.

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Stringerbell1729d ago

Bring it on traditional roll out of these services is way too slow to begin with.

sonicwrecks1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Hasn't this actually been in discussion for some time now? Drones and beaming the internet down. Even the Virgin Galactic stuff.

gizmig1729d ago

It seems like same as Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg is trying to aim free basic Internet campaign through drone that will fly above the commercial planes.

WizzroSupreme1729d ago

So, it seems that the internet is coming down closer to us. Beats space satellites. Depending on how many emerge in the coming years, I wonder how air traffic control might have to cope.