Could VR Transform the way we view Exercise?

TechDaring: "Simply put, VR and exercise as a combination could change many things, and in a positive way."

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sonicwrecks1735d ago

It's already being looked into. There's a number of VR projects involving cycling currently in development.

gizmig1734d ago

I will always try to go for the real exercise only. Don't want to use it personally but that is just my thought.

Stringerbell1735d ago

Interesting I suppose, but I always looked going to a gym with a friend or playing team sports. Not into the solitary stuff.

RetrospectRealm1734d ago

Maybe someday it will have an online option where you will be able to exercise with your friends... sort of.

Stringerbell1734d ago

Perhaps I guess we will have to wait and see what sort of exercise 'experiences' these devs will come up with. If its mundane stuff I'd rather just do it in the real.

gizmig1734d ago

As it sounds VR will going to change most of the things including games, our teaching levels and much more. As it will give a better understanding things virtually.