Why Japan no longer matters to PlayStation as Sony heads West

Sony shook up its gaming division early this morning, and it is moving the center of the PlayStation brand to the West.
In April, Sony will officially incorporate Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International into a single business unit called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. This new corporation still reports to Sony in Japan, but it will have its headquarters in San Mateo, California, with “key global business operations” also in Tokyo and London.

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sonicwrecks1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Similar to another story but from a different angle ( ). It's the changing face of the business, seeds planted in the West are begining to bear fruit. Japan is where the business as a whole is orchestrated though and that isn't going to change. It certainly does matter there.

RetrospectRealm1416d ago

Wow, never thought I'd hear that mobile games outsell console games. I personally cannot get invested in a game on such a tiny screen. Whatever though, glad I live in the US.

Stringerbell1415d ago

Its been that way for a while over there, China too everyone plays either on mobile or PC consoles not so much.

WizzroSupreme1413d ago

If you're selling a console, go to America because Japan is all about handhelds. It's just the reality of commuter culture up there and couch culture in the West. No doubt Nintendo's going to have to think about going all West if the NX is going to take off.